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If You Don’t Have Enough Yard Space

 If You Don't Have Enough Yard Space - Landscaper ClevelandIf You Don’t Have Enough Yard Space, Create A Container Garden: Starting up a garden can be a real challenge to people who live in places with very limited, if not nonexistent, yard space. The lack of ample yard space, however, should not prevent you from creating a garden of your own if you want one.

Having little to no yard space is a reality that comes with urban living. People who live in apartment buildings cannot even have the pleasure of having a plot of land to plant a few greens in.

The lack of ample yard space, however, should not prevent you from creating a garden of your own if you want one. You do not need a tract of land just to have a garden. If yard space is the problem that keeps you from having a garden of your own, you have an option. You can create yourself a container garden.

What in the World is a Container Garden?

A container garden is simply nothing more than a garden of potted plants. Such a garden can be very convenient for people who live in properties with little to no open space of their own, especially apartment buildings. If there is a sunny spot anywhere in your home, that could be a good spot to start a container garden.

Any plant that can be potted can be an addition to any container garden. You can easily mix and match potted plants of all kinds in your container garden and set it up any way you want. But just like with owning an actual garden planted on a tract of land, taking care of a container garden takes a lot of work and attention. Otherwise, your container garden would not thrive.

Setting Up Your Container Garden

If you have decided to create your very own container garden, you have to plan a little on how to set it up, tells Code Postal Montpellier . First of all, you have to figure out where to put your container garden. If you have a small yard space, you can put your potted plants outside. If you live in an apartment building and you have a balcony, you can use your balcony as the site of your container garden. But if you do not have a balcony, maybe a spot inside the house that gets some sunlight would do.

Plants need sunlight, so you have to make sure that wherever you set up your container garden, it would be a place where they could get enough sunlight. Take care that they do not get the full sun treatment come noontime, though. Potted plants dry up easily because their roots would not be able to access underground water, and exposure to direct sunlight at the hottest part of the day will kill them for sure.

You can arrange your potted plants any way you like them. If space is really your problem and you have room for only just one potted plant, you can buy a wrought iron shelf where you can put more potted plants and build your container garden.

Planting Your Container Garden

Most plants can survive being potted. Nonetheless, since plants in pots tend to dry up more easily than those planted on the ground, it would be best to pick plants that are more resistant to lack of moisture. These kinds of plants will survive longer, far longer if you take care of them really well.

You can ensure the long survival of your container garden if you choose your pots and your soil carefully. If the plants you pick are those that grow big, you should put these plants into pots that will give enough room for them to expand. Even small plants should have a little room in their pots.

Deep-bottomed pots are also essential in the creation of a container garden. These kinds of pots will allow the roots of the plants to burrow as deep as they can. You should always plant in pots with drainage holes. If the pot is decorative and does not have drainage holes, put the plant in a plastic container that has a drainage hole on it and then put this container inside your decorative pot.

The soil that you will use for your container garden should be the type that can keep moisture for as long as it can and yet drain easily to keep the air in good circulation. Soil mix, rather than garden soil, is the best one to use for potting plants.

Maintaining Your Container Garden

As said earlier, container gardens need constant maintenance because they are more vulnerable to drying and wilting than gardens actually planted on the ground. First of all, to extend their lives as much as possible, the potted plants in your container garden should be protected from direct sunlight when it is the hottest time of the day.

Another way to keep the dryness away from your plants is regular and generous watering. Ideally, potted plants should be watered around twice a day. The soil should be loosened every now and then to promote air circulation and to prevent disease-causing bacteria from thriving in the soil mix. Adding fertilizer into the soil occasionally also does great wonders in keeping a container garden beautiful and healthy.

Urban living does not have to deprive a person to enjoy some greenery in one’s home. If you live in a place that does not allow you to have a full-scale garden, cultivating a container garden is one good option you can take.

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How To Prune Roses 

How To Prune Roses landscaping austinHow To Prune Roses  : pruning your roses is an essential part of rose maintenance. There are many ways and opinions on the best way to prune, when the perfect time to prune is, and which roses need pruning. Many seasoned rosarians have their favorite tested methods.

Pruning roses is not as complicated as some people think. To make it easy, there are 7 basic rules to follow when pruning your roses. If you keep these rules in mind, you will be rewarded with the most beautiful rose bushes.

Pruning your roses is an essential part of rose maintenance. There are many ways and opinions on the best way to prune, when the perfect time to prune is, and which roses need pruning. Many seasoned rosarians have their favorite tested methods.

The first rule in pruning roses

is to remove any dead or dying growth. In doing this, your bushes will look good and will be free from signs of diseases. Removing the deadwood will discourage insects from making your rose plant their home, adds modifier stl freecad . Insects love rose plants so keep an eye out for them while pruning.

Second, you should keep the center of your rose plant clear.

This helps keep your bushes clear from pests and insects and allows good ventilation, which reduces the likelihood of fungus growth and other diseases.

Third, it is important to keep your rose plant away

from other bushes so that their growth will not be impaired. If your rose plant is disturbed or overcrowded by other plants it may not grow, as you desire.

Fourth, you must shape your rose bushes while they are growing.

This will prevent the roses from growing too wildly. If you do this, your roses will grow properly in the right direction. You will notice some roses growing in different directions. These are roses, which have not been shaped during growth.

Fifth, you must use sharp pruning shears.

This is important so you make a clean cut and don’t effect the areas that you are not pruning in residential landscaping . If you use a pruning shear that is not sharp, it may result in uneven branches, which can hinder or result in uneven growth.

Sixth, you must clean your pruning shears so they are free from diseases or fungus spores.

The shears should be kept dry to prevent rust formation which makes your shears dull. If your shears are not sharp, you will have a hard time cutting the desired parts and will end up damaging the branches.

And lastly, you should seal the cuts you have made so that they will be free from disease. Using Elmer’s glue works well and it is inexpensive.

Roses are considered tolerant plants so pruning roses is important to keep them free from diseases and insects. If you follow these basic rules, your roses will flourish and live for many years. It only takes a little patience and your efforts will be well rewarded.

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Beautify With Garden Plants

Beautify With Garden Plants Landscaping San Jose

Beautify With Garden Plants : there are many ways to make your house and lawn turn into a home. Every bit of careful touch you add will help your space feel more personal and inviting for your friends and family. As a landscape architect, one of my favorite ways to improve the look and feel of a home is through garden plants.

I love to encourage all of my clients to invest

in some great garden plants when they are at work creating a lawn or renovating their lawn. I love garden plants for so many reasons, but the obvious reason is that they are beautiful. There is nothing better than spending time in a home and a yard that is filled with uniqueness and beauty. Planting a wide variety of garden plants is a great way to add much-needed beauty to the outside of a home, tells fonction matlab . Even the most beautiful homes can look mediocre when there isn’t a great lawn and garden to accompany them.

Another reason I encourage my clients to invest in garden plants

for their home is so that they will have a reason to get outside and work the land with their hands. I believe that people take much more pride in the land than they have to work to cultivate. Our culture has lost something dear and precious since we stopped being a farming culture, and planting even the most simple arrangement of garden plants can be a great way to feel the pride of working the land again. Having to spend time working with garden plants is also an easy and fun way to get outside and get some exercise. Far too many people are stuck in their homes watching television or reading, and just getting outside to tend garden plants can be a great way for them to get more active.

If you’re looking to add garden plants to your lawn,

then I’d suggest you grab a couple of easy to understand books on the topic and soak up all the knowledge you can about how to properly plant garden plants in your lawn. There is much to be learned about gardening, and taking time to get even the most basic knowledge will help you considerably when you are trying to plant the best garden plants for you.

Get to a local gardening shop and see what garden plants will go great in your lawn. And then begin the fun work of planting them and tending to their growth.

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